When I first started working as Production Manager for Richfoto, I was poked and I was followed. I wrote on walls and discovered I could be Mayor.
I should explain.
I had to join and embrace social networking. From Facebook to FourSquare, you’ll find me there.

I doubt there are many people who can say they spent their first week at work joining the social network sites, or at least not at the bosses request.

Things have changed a little since I started working in the photography/entertainment industry. Networking then was ligging. Going to aftershows, talking to and being talked to by potential clients, JD in hand.
Now we network online, stalking and being stalked by potential clients, iPhone in hand.

I am writing a blog now. I am a blogger. I blog. This too is part of the job, along with the social network sites I  broadcast on.

This is work. I am working. Networking.

I have since spread my wings and am now flying solo, so to speak, working as a Freelance photographer and retoucher.

I am still blogging and tweeting (and occasionally, you may catch me writing on walls). So find me, follow me, tweet me or poke me, laugh with me or at me and who knows, maybe one day you’ll meet me, I’ll photograph you or your event and we’ll talk, JD in hand, just like in the good old days . . . until then, I shall keep you updated with the highs and lows of event photography.


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