Camera Phones at Concerts

The glow of camera phones and iPad’s have become a familiar sight at concerts.

Given the restrictions Professional Photographers face with the commonplace ‘First three, No flash’ rule, the ever increasing ‘rights grabbing’ photo release forms to sign and more artists requesting photographers to shoot from the mixer, halfway back of the venue, should fans be allowed to record concerts on mobile devices throughout the performance?

Is it not distracting for both the artist and the audience? Can the fan really enjoy the experience of a live show when watching it through a tiny pixelated screen? Can anyone even see the artist between raised hands and glowing screens?

When a professional photographers work is published in the national press and music magazines, fans can see and feel the atmosphere of a gig and should think, “That looks amazing, I want to get tickets to see that live.”
Our photographs provide publicity and promotion of the tour and contribute to ticket sales. Yet it seems to be the professional who is given less freedom to do their job while the public are being encouraged to post their photos on blogs and social media sites at the detriment of the professional – we are no longer guaranteed a usage fee, instead being offered a photo credit for the publication of our photographs.
A credit neither pays the bills, or reflects the value of a quality photograph.

Whist I accept it is nice to be able to capture your own personal memory of the gig, I can’t see how you can remember any of the experience if you spend the entire show faffing around with your little glowing gadgets.

Leave the photography to the professionals, that’s what we are here for, stop obscuring the view of the fans around you and just enjoy the live show you paid good money to experience.


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