The Mission XXV Anniversary

Another busy night last night as ’80’s British goth/rock band The Mission celebrated their 25th Anniversary at O2 Academy Brixton, I was booked to photograph double headliners Fields of the Nephilim and The Mission.

I only found out I was booked for both bands 20 minutes before I needed to leave to get to Brixton for the Nephilim’s set at 8.10pm. As the Victoria Line wasn’t running due to on-going engineering works, the journey from Stockwell addded precious minutes to my journey and consequently, I missed dinner and predictably, my belly started rumbling just as the lights went down and the crowd went ‘Whoo’ – No time to think about food, I had work to do.
The first song was an instrumental, so not too much to photograph to take my mind off my rumbly tummy and the next 3 songs had so much dry ice, smoke, strobes and digital nightmare red back lighting, it made photographing quite a challenge, hungry or not!

Miracles do happen.
During the half hour or so I had free between the Nephilim and The Missions sets, I was scrolling through the selection of atmospheric, totally black, bleached out and smoked out photos in the back of my shiny new camera when I kind lady appeared, like an angel, armed with boxes of food goodies… I filled a plastic pint cup (no plates to hand) and happily tucked in.

Lighting was far more manageable for The Mission and improved dramatically for song 3. I was just changing memory cards towards the end of the song when an idiot fan threw a pint cup towards the stage and I got splatted. My hair, hands and camera treated to an unwanted beer shower. Not only is my shiny new camera now a sticky new camera, I also have sticky smelly hair for the journey home.
At least it hit my head first and gave me a split second to cover the memory card slot!


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