15th Anniversary

10th July 1996. Dave Matthews Band. Shepherds Bush Empire.
A date I remember well.

It was my first night photographing as the house photographer at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Little me, in the pit, with my trusty Minolta SRT 101 35mm film camera, buzzing with a mixture of nerves, excitement and anticipation.

15 years and 373 events later, my photographic kit has expanded somewhat, now using Canon digitasl slr’s, but I still get that adrenaline buzz when the curtains and house lights come down and the crowd goes “Whoo!”

So many class acts and iconic artists have graced the Empire stage during my time there, Keanu Reeves playing with his band ‘Dogstar’, Charlie Watts Quintet, Patti Smith, Bryan Ferry, Nils Lofgren, Sheryl Crow (who brought on Eric Clapton as a special guest), The Manic Street Preachers, Kylie Minogue, Roger Taylor, Ringo Starr, Plant and Page, Paul Weller, Bjork, Joe Strummer, Gary Moore, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Snow Patrol, Muse, Coldplay, Charlotte Church and Ray Davies to name but a few… The montage above shows highlights of the past 15 years:

1996 – Dave Matthews Band – (My first night)
1997 – David Bowie
1998 – Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi
1999 – Iggy Pop
2000 – Destiny’s Child
2001 – Ronnie Wood
2002 – Elton John
2003 – Blondie
2004 – The Killers
2005 – John Legend
2006 – Russell Brand
2007 – Amy Winehouse
2008 – Adele
2009 – Florence and the Machine
2010 – Snoop Dogg
2011 – Duran Duran

Big thank you to all the staff, past and present that have supported me over the years – looking forward to the next 15 🙂


3 thoughts on “15th Anniversary

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  1. “…15 years and 373 events…” unbelievable! You covered all the big ones on stage at SBE.
    “…I still get that adrenaline buzz when the curtains and house lights come down and the crowd goes “Whoo!”
    So well expressed !
    Looking fwd to another 15 years of stage coverage by Amanda Rose !!!
    Greetings from Vienna, Austria

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