All Time Low

You never know just what to expect photographing gigs.

Perhaps I should have done a little more research before last nights as I most definitely was not expecting this.
There was already underwear on stage before the main act had even come on. 
I looked behind me to see the crowd.

Not only were they very young, they had inflatable, well, lets just say they had inflatables.

Anyway, for a crowd that, for the most part, didn’t look old enough to even be wearing bra’s, they certainly had plenty with them once the band came on as they were being flung towards the stage with staggering regularity throughout.
Oddly, the first thought that crossed my mind was ‘How much pocket money do kids get these days that they can afford to give good underwear away!’
Then I noticed they had phone numbers on.

Girls were being hauled from the crowd by security and whisked away by medics … not sure if this is because they have fainted with excitement or they’ve knocked themselves out jumping about without a bra.

You may never know what to expect, but you know there will never be a dull moment.


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