Two Words

Duran Duran.

Two more words.
Oh Yeah.
Duran Duran, performing live at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, 7th March 2011

To say I had been looking forward to covering this event would be an understatement.
It would also fail to describe the anxious hours, no days, well weeks of waiting for confirmation that, although booked to photograph them, I actually had a photo pass.

This is often the reality of event photography. Even if you are booked for a job, passes aren’t always guaranteed.
When you are granted a photo pass, often, it comes with restrictions. Usually, the ‘First 3, no flash’ rule applies.
You can only photograph from the pit, during the first 3 songs and are forbidden to use flash.
Tonight, as there were so many photographers (20), we were split into 2 groups, each having only 2 songs to capture the action. We also had to sign a disclaimer promising we wouldn’t do anything with the photos other than what we said we’d do on the same form…

I was in the second group. The wait was agony. Standing in the corridor with my fellow ‘second group’ snappers, I heard the Bond Medley and View to a Kill.
An even more agonising wait through the start of the third number as the first group were ushered out – grumbling about poor lighting – and we were ushered in.
Duran Duran, performing live at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, 7th March 2011
To be fair, the lighting wasn’t too bad, I’ve photographed in worse. Was a struggle to even see Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor let alone get a shot of them, but hey, I was in front of the front row, Duran Duran inches from my face. I felt like a teenager again. Must be nearly 30 years I’ve waited for this moment. (That says just as much about my age as it does about how long I’ve wanted to be a photographer)
Looking at the crowd behind me, it was both a comfort and a joy to see similarly aged women looking even more excited than I was (For the time being anyway, as I was still at this point only there in a professional capacity!)
Duran Duran, performing live at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, 7th March 2011
The second group, because of the change over, actually ended up being able to photograph almost three songs.
All over too soon.
Duran Duran, performing live at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, 7th March 2011
At this point, I would usually rush home to upload, edit, colour correct, rename and caption the photographs to send out to the agents/press – Much as I do for the Premieres and Awards I cover with Richfoto.
As I’d signed the disclaimer promising that the photos were exclusively for O2 Shepherds Bush Empire and the lovely Duty Manager had said I could stay to watch the show, I did just that.

They do say the best things come to those who wait.

♪♫ Her name’s Amanda and she dances in the aisles ♪♫


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