Guardian of Grim

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt1 Premiere.
Another cold, wet November day,
Another Premiere gets under way.

Guardian of Grim
Surviving wind, rain & Harry Potter fans - Me & the laptop brave the elements.

A behind the scenes view of the biggest premiere I have covered so far….or a scene of the biggest behinds I have seen at the premiere so far…either way, this was my view of the Harry Potter premiere in Leicester Square tonight. Lots of cold, wet photographers waiting for the action.

Stood up to try and catch a glimpse, a piece of the action, but I am still dwarfed behind the row of photographers…

The noise is phenomenal. I had an idea of the size of the crowd around the Odeon and Empire Leicester Square as I had elbowed my way through the masses earlier in the afternoon to reach my sought after spot behind the red carpet.
I am cold and getting cramp, I stood on some steps to see what is going …

…Wow, what a lot of people! No wonder it’s so noisy here!!! You can feel the tension building, you can also feel a sense of ‘oh, come on’ as we photographers and editors in the pen are cold, wet and tired of waiting. Then the crowd starts to whoop and scream and the guests finally start to arrive.
The next hour was quite manic, a constant stream of celebrities pout and pose for the cameras, the shouts and yells of ‘over here’, ‘to the left’, ‘look up’, etc as each photographer tries to grab the attention of whoever struts past to get that all important Eyes to Camera shot.


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