First Red Carpet

Today is my first day ‘out in the field’
My first Red Carpet event.
And the carpet is Blue.

My first Red Carpet event and the carpet's BLUE!!

It is also pouring with rain. Seriously chucking it down.

I am perched on a small step, laptop on lap, giant golfing umbrella balanced on Rich’s camera case beside me to protect me and the laptop from the downpour whilst keeping my frozen little fingers free to edit and caption the photo’s as Rich shoots them.

Hard at work despite it chucking it down in Leicester Square tonight...

Part of me feels this is an upgrade, a gig photographer is cocooned in a ‘pit’ an events photographer in a ‘pen’ – sounds more civilised don’t you think?

Still lots of waiting around, but even in the upgraded ‘pen’ I cannot escape the fact that it is cold and wet and, well, lonely – the photographers are all lined up on step ladders in front of me, I cannot see anything but the inside of the giant golfing umbrella

The patter of raindrops (ha!) above is drowning out most other sounds and I suddenly miss the banter of fellow photographers and warmth of the music venues I am usually waiting in.

Every so often the sound of the crowd  eclipses that of the pelting rain and I wonder what I am missing.

If you thought being an events photographer was a glamourous life – this is the reality.


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